While long known to the humans of the Clockwerk Kingdom, the Goliath’s were a solitary people and kept interactions to a minimum. From their clan stockades on the periphery mountain ranges most engagement was limited to trade – usually for rare metals in exchange to food stuffs – or the occasional wondering mercenary carefully avoided in town taverns.

This all changed with the development of the Worldspring Obelisk.

The Goliath’s were forcefully removed from their ancestral homes, their prodigious strength no match for the technological superiority of the CKs. Survivors were enslaved and put to work, to their great shame using this strength to carve out their own lands.

This is old history now, but the Goliath’s remain a slave race, fractured and broken. While individuals are known to have broken free of their shackles to pursue their own fates, this remains rate and the clans are no more.

Still, traditions are maintained and passed down from parent to child – from the muted offerings to clan spirits, to the ritual application of earth to skin – and a small flame of hope remains that one day the Goliath’s will shatter their chains and retake their home.


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