Clockwerk Kingdom

Welcome to the Clockwerk Kingdom
A blog for our campaign

Welcome to the Clockwerk Kingdom

The Clockwerk Kingdom was founded generations ago after the discovery of a ‘mystical mineral’ that was able to power clockwork devices. Soon every person had in their pocket a perfectly precise timepiece, and fields were being tended by mechanical harvesters.

The coming of the Ironkeys

A strange plague arose which caused flesh and metal alike to rust away; to this day, The Corroded victims of the plague lurk in the corners of the world. The current heir of the ruling family, the Ironkeys, used this spiritual and humanitarian crisis to declare himself the first God Emperor, and so began a long period of theocracy. No magic or technology aside from that achieved through sacred clockwork was allowed and criticism of either church or state was met with swift retribution.

The God Emperors reigned for decades, their bloodline slowly twisted by inbreeding and madness. One even created the sky-piercing Worldspring Obelisk, a huge monument to himself atop a mountain hollowed out with the carving of a representation of the worldspring itself.

The rebellion

A worker’s rebellion finally toppled this totalitarian regime, destroying many of the clockwork mechanisms and factories that ran the empire in the process. The royal family were kept on as figureheads for the new government, but had no real power, and support for both the old emperors and the church started to dwindle.

Our campaign

Our campaign is set some time after this; one of a pair of twin sisters has taken the crown and is happy leading the country as part of a constitutional monarchy, while her sister lives in exile and plots the return of the time of the God Emperors. And, in a dark place beyond mortal understanding, a sinister presence shifts; hidden mechanisms, untended for generations, start to tick once again.


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